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The Founders

founders-profile-john-420x420When John Andersen and Lillie Goodrich came together as a couple, they rescued a Border Collie named Luke. He was a year old stray from Manhattan. Seeing the deep damage caused by being in the wrong home and then the transformation back to trusting people, profoundly stirred their hearts to do more for other mistreated and misunderstood dogs. Their passion for Border Collies changed their life’s journey, leading them to found Glen Highland Farm (GHF) and Sweet Border Collie Rescue.

founders-profile-lillie-420x420Started in 2001, thousands of abandoned herding dogs have now found new lives. The largest Border Collie rescue in the U.S., GHF helps puppies to seniors and ages in between. The need for rescue continues to grow as the breed has become even more popular than years ago. Landing in urban and suburban settings, expected to be an easy pet, these highly sensitive and intelligent Border Collies fail and when they arrive to GHF they need time to heal and rebalance before moving into new homes.

Working tirelessly to help this challenging breed is only possible through the donations of caring dog lovers. Glen Highland Farm is an exceptional rescue supported by exceptional people who want to join in making a difference in the lives of these dogs.

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During your stay with us, please consider touring Sweet Border Collie Rescue and finding out more! Sponsor a dog as their Angel as they wait for their new life to begin! Or fall in love and adopt! Many GETAWAY vacationers are adopters!

Vacation for a Cause

While you enjoy a Getaway vacation at GHF, you are already helping us help the homeless Border Collies. The GETAWAY vacation provides added financial support for this mission. While you enjoy a spectacular vacation with your beloved canine pal, the proceeds less costs of operation are used for dog care needs. With almost 200 Border Collies coming to GHF each year, our costs are extremely high.

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