Are you ready?

There's so much to explore - 175 acres of gorgeous countryside! The big question is what to do first - Hike? Swim? Play? Relax?


Go for a walk

Let go of the leash and hit the trails! Let your dog lead the way!


Jump in the water

Butternut Creek and Bullfrog pond are a water lover’s dream! The Pond has a dock for jumpers and the Creek has a multitude of beaches for the waders!


Ears up, nose down, feet on the move

There's something new to discover around every bend on the trail, every opening in the foliage and behind every tree. Your dog will love being able to explore it all unleashed!


Made for dogs, by dogs...

Did you know the trails were created by and named after the Founders' dogs? Read about the special dogs that inspired the trails and the canine approved 'spots' throughout the Farm.


Dog-friendly really means dog-friendly

On those warm summer days, look for the water stations to quench you and your dog’s thirst. There's also emergency radios in case of any mishaps along the way. If you had not already noticed, at the Getaway, couches and beds are not just for people! There’s also an endless supply of discs and balls so you are ready for play whenever your dog is. Dog got muddy paws? We have several dog washing stations with shampoo for use anytime!


Meander the meadows

The trails open up to wondrous meadows where something is always in bloom, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. The Farm is a birder's dream - Bring your binoculars! The trails through meadows also border the Creek. If you and your dog need to cool off, hop in the Creek for a quick dip!


Walk in the woods

A great way to beat the summer sun is to head into the shade of hemlocks, oaks and majestic white pines. The wooded trails will have your dog in sensory heaven - critters to chase, birds chirping above, and a lush carpet of ferns and moss underfoot to sniff and explore.


Buddy up

Big and little dogs welcome! Guests are often surprised at how so many dogs of different breeds and sizes can mix and mingle.


Get your game on

We have a full set of agility equipment to use anytime. Try it for the first time or get a practice session going in between trials!


Enjoy the company of dogs

Many guests tell us how much closer they feel with their dog (s) while on vacation here.


Pay homage to the land

This land was once home to Iroquois Indians who lived on a settlement across Butternut Bridge where Linc’s Lookout is now. Take in the beauty of your surroundings, from the sunlight breaking through the trees, to the reflections in the water to the scenic vistas around every corner.


Relax & kick back

When you and your dogs are not hiking or swimming, take a load off! You'll find plenty of chaise lounges, hammocks and shady canopies throughout the property. The Hound Hub has 2 huge outdoor sofas, perfect for a stretching out with a book or a quick nap if the dogs don't beat you to it first!


Tour the rescue

Did you know that proceeds from Getaway vacations go to border collie rescue? Tour the rescue and meet the rescue dogs. Feel good knowing your vacation supports dogs in need!


Take home a new best friend

Some guests have left their Getaway vacation with more dogs than when they arrived. It has happened more than a few times! Who can resist those faces? Can't adopt but want to help? You can be an angel supporter, volunteer or help transport Border Collies!


Join in

Cooking, dining, lounging, socializing... the Hound Hub pavilion is the 'hub' of activity at the Getaway. The Hound Hub comes alive in the evenings with guests coming together for drinks, food and the company of other like-minded dog folks. Doesn't matter if you come on your own, as a couple or group of friends... you are all here for the same reason - your dog!


Happy campers

As the day comes to a close with your dog by your side, have a look at your dog. We'll bet that the look you get in return is a grateful one!


Sit by the fire

A perfect ending to the day, there's nothing like a campfire! Roast s'mores and share dog tales by the fire with new friends. Before tucking in for the night, be sure to look up to the night sky - the stars will take your breath away!


Make the most of every day

Hike. Swim. Play. Relax. Repeat.

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